5 Things to Ask on Your (Grad School) Campus Visit

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It’s that glorious time of year– graduate school decision season! You submitted your carefully-crafted applications to the social science or humanities programs of your dreams back in December or January, and waited through a long and frigid winter (okay, not really), and finally– FINALLY– got some good news in the form of “fat envelopes” earlier […]

Taking Pictures of People

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TL;DR: Don’t be the jerk that takes pictures of random strangers while you’re traveling. First of all, it’s kind of rude. The political and social history of Guatemala, combined with the things that make photographs so unique, creates a really morally and practically complicated situation around taking pictures of people. But it’s totally okay to take pictures […]

Creating Simple Digital Maps – Community Referendums on Mining in Guatemala

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I have to admit, I love charts. They thoroughly appeal to my obsessive organizational side. That said, my research has been completely devoid of chartage. Until now. As part of my summer Mellon Public Humanities Fellowship, I’m working on a shiny new chart to track the 80+ consultas comunitarias held in Guatemala to date. I will grudgingly acknowledge […]

Gender Bending – Roundup of Pedagogically Useful Photo Essays

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I just read a for-fun book that played with gender Ursula K. Le Guin-style (it’s okay to talk about her on an anthro blog, because she’s the daughter of an anthropologist, and is even participating in a multidisciplinary conference organized by an anthropologist. Right? Right.). Le Guin uses all male pronouns in The Left Hand of […]

Claudia Paz y Paz – Nobel Peace Prize Candidate from Guatemala

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I conduct field research in Guatemala, an exceedingly beautiful country that is home to many incredibly kind and generous people, who largely have great senses of humor, to boot. When I tell Americans who happen to have visited Guatemala where I do my research, they’re invariably jealous. They’re likely thinking of the charming town of […]