Summer Fun

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summer vacationIt must be a holdover from years and years of having a wide-open “summer vacation”, but when April rolls around each year I still get the feeling that I’ll somehow have SO MUCH more free time once the semester is over. And I immediately get started filling it with projects and trips and goals, of course. Which is not to say this is necessarily a bad thing… but this year finds me especially busy, in the home stretch of dissertating as well as working on a [related] project that I’m especially excited about: building a digital exhibit of  materials from my field research.

As part of a Mellon Public Humanities Fellowship, I’m working with folks at the Clark Library to learn all sorts of cool programs designed specifically for organizing and archiving artifacts, creating interactive online exhibits, and teaching. In particular, I’ll be learning Omeka, Leaflet, and Neatline (so far).

I’m super excited to explore how these programs can communicate ethnographic information in a rich (“thick”, if you will), interactive way for other researchers, students, and activists. I’ll be blogging along the way, aiming to provide some ideas for other ethnographers interested in digitizing their fieldwork.

Stay tuned, and look for the “Omeka“, “Leaflet“, “Neatline“, and “Digital Ethnography” tags for more info.

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